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IRONY is the trademark of Nuances Mj. The largest pre-roll plant in Quebec.

Nuances wishes to stand out thanks to its ironic and hilarious side. Wishing to destigmatize cannabis and get out of the scale of "Bob Marley's flag and bong the size of the Eiffel Tower".

A company where the management is young and dynamic, passionate, in love with cannabis and above all concerned about the well-being of its employees and the quality of their products. Welcome to the world of IRONY, welcome to the ever-growing family. This is just the beginning!



Paul-Émile Tremblay grew up in the city of Granby in Quebec, he accumulated accomplishments in his youth during his studies at the zoo school for gifted children. His sportsmanship earned him several medals and the title of MVP of his junior hockey team. Subsequently, he began his graduate studies thanks to several scholarships won for his athletic and academic talent in one of the largest universities in Montreal. Freshly graduated in web development with honorable mention from the University of Montreal, Paul-Émile Tremblay chose to join the nuances team in 2019!

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Paul-Émile Tremblay

Senior Web Designer

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